Stijn Demeulenaere fall 2017

Album release: Latitudes - September 2016

Dear Alessandro

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the release of my first record: Latitudes - September 2016. We're celebrating the release with a concert at the AB Salon on the 24th of October.

Latitudes - September 2016

On the 24th of October, Silken Tofu will be releasing my first album: Latitudes - September 2016. The album is a recording of a live set played in my Latitudesseries at Q-O2 in Brussels. Latitudes is a project where I combine sounds I recorded from all over the world. With these sounds I develop compositions and live sets where I explore the sonic material; creating new sonic structures, juxtaposing the sounds, or melting them together. On the album, the bulk of the sounds come from South Africa and Iceland.

We'll be celebrating the release with a concert at AB Salon on the evening of the 24th. Yannick Franck is joining me for the night.  The album is a cd in a custom A5 sleeve and comes out in a limited edition of 149 copies. You can order it from Silken Tofu or buy a digital copy on Bandcamp.

AB Salon, Brussels (BE), 24/10/17
Latitudes - Papegaaiwijk edition

Aifoon has invited me to do a special, site-specific version, of Latitudes as part of their Phonorama project in the Papegaaiwijk in Ghent. In the framework of Phonorama, inhabitants of the Papegaaiwijk (Parrot's quarter) will be recording sounds from their own neighbourhood during the fall of 2017. Together with the artists from aifoon they will then develop site-specific presentations of these sounds, giving them back to the streets. The collection will also be gathered in a time capsule buried in the ground, only to be opened again 25 years into the future.

On the 16th of December I will play a Latitudes set on location in the Papegaaiwijk, where I will be using recordings from the inhabitants and the artists of the Papegaaiwijk, interlacing these sounds with my own recordings in a quadraphonic set.

Phonorama, Papegaaiwijk, Ghent (BE), 16/12/17